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Stromboli is most northern island of the aeolian islands, as well known as Lipari islands. It is a 200 km long and famous for their active volcano, which is called by the sailors the "torch of the sea". In regular intervals of approx. 15 minutes the volcano hurls out lava, it is an amazing natural spectacle

Location and general information

There are Ferry connections to Mialazzo and Neapel. The island has approx. 650 inhabitants and has the size of 12.6 square kilometers.

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Visiting the volcano

It is possible to climb the volcano, you need a guide and three hours of your time in order to do so. This way you get to see the crater from a distance of 250, thats quite close, and you get a fantastic view, if there is an eruption. Particularly impressive is seeing the eruptions at night. If you don´t like this strenuous exercise, than you can book one of the boat tour, from the seaside you can watch the spectale relaxed with a drink in your hand.

Very good pictures of eruptions you find on the internetsite There are a lot of information about stromboli as well.

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