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Cava Grande

Another extremly beautiful canyon is cava grande. The river Cassibile dug itself deeply into a ravine. The river connects numerous small lakes, there are several waterfalls. On the slopes of the ravine there are bushes and trees and in the summertime there are numerous flowers along the way.

How to get there

From the city Avola you have to drive in northwestern direction to the “Convento di Avola Vechio” (approx. 4km from Avola). From here you simply follow the roadsigns till you arrive the parking place of Cava Grande. From there you can enjoy a great view over the canyon.

Going down ...

From the parking place you can follow a footpath down the canyon. Before descending you have to register in the wood hut, if someone is still missing after 17:00 o'clock, they will sent a rescue troop. (At least they say so.) The descent is strenuous and takes approx. one hour, but anyway it´s not very dangerous.

The reward for the hard work going down is a fantastic nature and a cool bath in one of the lakes (most of the time they are really refreshing......some would call them freezing cold. :-))

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